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Bejanska cave

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Bejanska cave is located in the '' '' Bejanta" area near the village Filipovtsi , Town of Trun .

The cave opens at the base on a low rock cliff near the last houses of the hamlet Bejantsi. The rocks are located geographically on the left bank of the river that runs through the neighborhood and flows in the direction neighborhood Dragovtsi and empties into the River Municipality. The entrance is about 10 meters above the river. The cave is about 200 meters southwest of the houses of the neighborhood near the ponds.

For a starting point to the cave can be used road connecting Breznik with Tran . About 1.5 km from the village Filipovtsi towards Trun right of the road is paid for time Dragovtsi neighborhood . At this time reaching the neighborhood . Departs on a dirt road that separates the north and connects it with the neighboring hamlet Bejantsi. Almost as soon as I got out of the settlement have to cross the river. After the neighborhood is out of meadows cross. Then there is a steep climb . It reaches the main road. After about 800 meters down the road almost to the low level of the river. From this position can be seen and the first houses of the neighborhood. Cave entrance opens into a small golden crown, it is likely the season will not be spotted from afar. It is located on the border of a small forest near a bush and trees cover him despite his large size.

Entrance of " Bejanska" cave is located at the base of a small rock cliff . It has east and dimensions of 8.50 5.20 m from it to fall into a vast hall with dimensions length 20.06 m , width 11.60 m and a height of 4 meters above the seats at the beginning of the cave twilight reigns . Tenth of a meter on the right side of the hall entrance reveals a short and narrow gallery . Falls on for the cave which is separated from the main part with three columns of bedrock . From this point in height goes high chimney that has not been studied and it is the only place that can be expected for the cave. The floor of the hall is covered with black earth beef manure and stones. Generally cave is damp and poor secondary cave formations . In different places to spot rare cave milk . " Bejanska" cave has a relatively large size of the region . Its overall length is 61.40 m .


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