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Historic Landmark
Tran monastery

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Tran Monastery "St. Archangel Michael " is situated in the valley of the River Erma , on the eastern slopes of the mountain Rui , a few kilometers from the town of Trun and 76 km from Sofia. In the monastery monks do not live . It can be said that the monastery is in poor condition and since 2010 has been running a campaign to raise funds necessary for the preservation and restoration of the monastery . Tran municipality does has undertaken to build a road to the monastery. Nowadays the only remaining building in Tran monastery "St. Archangel Michael" . It was built in 1680 and is trihonalna , cruciform building of travertine and beams and septangular dome.

There is a legend about the construction of the temple dedicated to the saint. Action it develops more Roman times. In the place lived many Romans. Their wives with gold decoration on the head and embroidered sequins pure gold breastplates , and their men to adorn the handles of knives and swords with gold and diamonds. End Roman settlement had a great lake. It provides a rich catch of fish. One winter there was so much snow that the lake began to overflow and endanger the villagers , including the temples of Apollo and Hera. At this juncture all Christians got together and prayed to God salvation. He heard their prayers and sent the Archangel Michael . The angel standing on a rock , drew his sword and slashed the rock in two. Then was formed the gorge. Water rushed across the isthmus gorge and the lake expired in him. Michael turned to the three beech growing nearby, touched one beech with fiery sword , and beneath their roots flowed clear spring water. "Here will heal their bodies and souls , washing everything bad and unclean by them , pain and suffering " - uttered Archangel and flew into the sky. And the people of his gratitude built a temple near three beeches its healing spring water.

Even today, three beeches stand there, the source continues to give its healing water of the world. Impersonation of three beech are God the Father , Son and Holy Spirit.

Certainly the story of Tran Monastery is rich and occupies an important place in the life of the Bulgarians over the years. Very little of it , however, is preserved. The beginning of the existence of the monastery can be considered the year referred by Constantine Irechek in his book "Travels through Bulgaria " - 1643 In his book, the historian tells us about the beauty of the temple and inscriptions , standing upon a time above the front door of church.

One of the less touted facts about monasteries that are worth knowing and sharing with younger generations is that it is in the monastery near Tran lived and worked one of the Serbian patriarchs. It's about the Bulgarian Ephraim Belgrade . Serbian Church canonised him in 1404 as a saint . He was buried in Holy Abode Tran .

Tran monastery does not offer accommodation and food. It can be easily reached from the town of Tran , going north along River Erma .

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