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Ecopath Krastets

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Tryavna, 33, ul. Angel Kanc...

Ecopath " Krastets " ( also known as " Buzovets " ) was officially opened in 2005. It starts from the railway station " Buzovets " , which is located near the station " Krastets ." The route moves along the central ridge of Stara Planina. Track suites overlook this area , one of the least known and yet one of the most beautiful in the Middle Balkan.

According to the legend it is hence passed the procession that carries the relics of St. Ivan Rilski to newly liberated capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire Tsarevgrad Tarnov. Tradition dictated when moving from one place to another , the relics of revered saints of the Christian religion always stay in the temples. Otherwise, it was believed that " heathen " forces can take part of the sacredness of human remains . That is the reason why the particular end Krastets to build a chapel, which is now rebuilt and named after the most honored Bulgarian saint.

The total length is relatively small - about 3 miles. Most extreme (if we can use such a term ) part of it is in the beginning when it climbs steeply to the north , gaining serious side rib height of Mount Buzovets ( 897 m altitude ) , its name and stop , which is the starting point of the eco-trail . The flat was on Buzovets reveals stunning views in all four main directions . Along the eco-trail are information boards presenting tourist specificities of the region.

From the trail goes down smoothly , still boasting magnificent views to the surrounding valleys lying mountain hamlets . Approximate mid- path is built comfortable shelter , near which there are wooden benches and tables, prerazpolagashti to pleasant break.

Ecotrail has the form of elongated , closed circle. Return to the starting point is not less compelling than the first part . Pass through beautiful places , revealing all the plant and animal diversity in the Central Balkan Mountains. Despite the prominent elevation between the lowest and the highest point of the route , ekopeteka " Krastets " is very nice and even a possible destination for beginner tourists.

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