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Marina Hole Cave

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Treasures and legends of the caves have always attracted yearning for adventure and gold. This place is a cave Marina hole, which is located near the village Genchovtsi , about 7 km from Tryavna, about 25 km from Gabrovo. Legend has it that the treasure , which is spoken in the cave Marina hole is buried somewhere in the end. This years does not rest on the looters and those from across the country are flocking to have first discovered the old- gold

Ruse cavers discovered in the cave hole Marina message in a bottle , which stayed there for 32 years .

It was put in back in 1977 in one of the recesses of the abyss , 3 km from the entrance to her It cavemen clubs in Drianovo and Sevlievo like to mark the farthest place studied in this part of the natural phenomenon in the county expedition "Marina hole - 77 . " In the text there and humorous phrases: We put this paper in this glass when you drink it. it was full of rum. "

Finally, after the signature of the members of the expedition. After his stay in the cave message has historical document and will soon be shown on the site of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology .

Before Russe cavers for 32 years, no one expedition not reach that place , so the message is found so late . Ruse returned before the days of cave near Tryavna , having explored and mapped previously unknown galleries. The purpose of cavers is to find an extension and to establish whether it is connected to the adjacent underground cave Dragon hole.

Spelunkers claim under one of the sheds still standing shoe died before time prospector .

Cave Hole Marina is one of the most accessible caves, although its entrance is slightly fallen down over the years. If you are an amateur caver and mountaineer , this could be your way to have fun and spend your holidays along with a fabulous picnic lawns in the area.

The cave is one of the most accessible to cavers in the country. Its total length is 3075 m .

The first trials began in 1923 and continues today . The cave was discovered a new species , named " Netoletski - Dummies ."

The cave is reached by 5 kilometers road, followed by a 2 km stony road.

Visitors to Marina hole can stay in guest houses in Genchovtsi or in many hotels in Tryavna and enjoy the beautiful area.

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