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The Twins Beach

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Tsar Simeonovo

Beach on the island Twins placed against Vidin Tsar Simeonovo declared a protected area, only appears at low water on the Danube. When tides or heavy rains in its catchment area in Central Europe, he is inundated and became completely inaccessible to tourists. It can be reached only by boat, as you can easily hire from the village or from the tourist complex "Danubia Beach" located nearby.

If you are unsure whether it is worth to evaluate the level of the Danube and the extra effort to get to the beach on the island Twins, do not do it - the answer is a resounding "yes." The coastline is covered with soft and bright colored sand, and place features amazing scenery and remarkable biodiversity.

The waters of the Danube here usually have a pretty good temperature during the hot summer months and give much needed freshness. Since the beach is relatively unknown to tourists, it offers visitors solitude and communion with nature. Another clear advantage is that you can find everything you need for good quality and stay by visiting the on-shore, opposite the islands Tsar Simeonovo.

River waters are quite calm. The bottom is clean and sloping, with no sudden drop-offs, whirlpools and treacherous undercurrents. You can familiarize yourself with the parts of animal and plant species for which protection was established protected area. First of course are waterfowl (gray, small and Night Heron, small and great cormorant, spoonbill) and aquatic plants such as Shining spurge, Smearwort and summer snowflake. After sunbathing here you can stop in Vidin or to stay in the village.

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