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Kotlite Waterfalls

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Waterfall "Kotlite" is located near the town of Godech, near Tuden village. The waterfall is located Dracul River, which crosses the steep rocks and forms three drops of water with a total height of about 20 m To reach it, you must first pass through Bukorovskiya monastery near Tuden. To the monastery can reach on foot along a dirt road in the field. The waterfall is located about 200 meters from the monastery in a steep gully, while leaving the top side. Descent to the boiler under the waterfall is a steep path among the cliffs. In boiler water has formed a small lake. There is a meadow, suitable for picnics and photos.

Close to the Falls Kotlite is another monastery - Razboishte monastery. This is an old, small, engraved in the rock monastery. It can be reached by continuing along the road shortly after plate Bukorovskiya monastery and then another 30 minute walk along a dirt road that descends to the river Nišava and old railway line. Waterfall and two monasteries can be by-passed without problem for about 4-5 hours.

By Godech Gintsi village which is just a way to pass Petrohan piroden there is another phenomenon. This is a complex rock 'Zaskoto "including karst abyss" Zaskoto "and caves" Dinevata cave "," curve "cave," Holy Water "and" reefs ". Each as they are available, however, only a cave guide.

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