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The journey starts in the central part of the village Taja ( Municipality Pavel banya, District Stara Zagora) . From here follow the well marked path that hut " Triglav " takes about 3-4 hours , depending on the physical condition of the tourists. You can select an option to transport, as above to reach the village road with a length of 18 km .

The trail passes through a remarkably beautiful places , howling to the highest parts of the Balkan Range Triglav , located south of the main ridge and dominant over the area with his powerful figure . The transition is not very heavy , though requires relatively good physical condition . Walk along the riverbed Babskoto that descends to the place which flows into Taja from its source located in the saddle between the peaks of Little and Big Kademlia (also known as Triglav ) .

Along the path is also one of the most famous waterfalls in Bulgaria - Babskoto waterfall . Although relatively low compared to other spraying in Central Balkan Mountains , it is very beautiful and impressive. Gradually howling on the banks of the river trail climbs and about an hour after passing along Babskoto waterfall reaches hut " Triglav " .

It is located at the foot of the homonymous peak , 2,276 meters high . It is located in Big Flat and has a total capacity of 50 seats. The chalet is a former departmental basis of the factory " Arsenal " and Kazanlak is situated at 1400 meters altitude. From start several routes connecting " Triglav " with some of the most important and attractive tourist sites in the array.

The distance from the hut " Triglav " Mazalat peak ( 2196 meters ) takes about 1-2 hours and the route is not particularly difficult. The peak offers one of the most wide-field views in the mountains , and in all Bulgarian mountains. From panoramic in all directions - the main ridge of Stara Planina Mountain Falls Babskoto (55) and Kademliysko (74 m) waterfall and to the south we can see the northern slopes of the Mountain .

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