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Historic Landmark
Transmariska Fortress

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Tranmariska has very important place among Roman cities along the Danube on Bulgarian territory. Transmariska emerged as a military camp around the middle of a century in late antiquity was the center of a military garrison and the Danube fleet. Total area is about 65 thousand m2, and the circumference of the wall about 1 km. The town died in the late 6th century, during the invasions of the Avars. Studied section of the northern wall - two square towers and fortified wall between them and the southern wall built between 294-298/9, under the supervision of the Emperor Diocletian. Currently, the walls of the castle have been preserved to a height of 2-3 m, suggesting that they, with conversions, were used during certain periods of the Middle Ages. Fortress Tutrakan mentioned for the first time as "Taraki" between the names of the castles of King Shishman which, according Neshri, Ali Pasha took over in march of 1388 barbarian invasions from the late IV and early V century heavy casualties in the city . By the middle of V century life and defense capability of the fortress stabilizirani.Do late sixth century city is not addressed by the damage. The final destruction of the ancient Transmariska occurs at the beginning of VII century Later in the XII century the northwestern part of the Roman fortress was used to build the fortress of Tutrakan.

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