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Chumerna hut

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Chumerna hut is located on the northern slope of the tip of the same name . It is a large , three-storey building accommodates up to seventy-five people in rooms with two, three and four beds. Toilets and bathrooms are internal , common to the whole building , which in turn is water and electricity , heated with central heating.

There are tourist kitchen , dining room and kiosk. You can prepare meals in advance, but must be submitted upon request. The chalet also has a ski and services to visitors are the skills of mountain biking guides and ski instructors for the winter season.

The road to the cabin is through the asphalt road , which after a while turns into crushed stone . The area of the hut has a parking lot , so come by car is no problem.

Starting points are few. You can start from Elena by travel twenty-six km asphalt road . The road from Tvarditsa is the same , but shorter - seventeen kilometers . Deviation of the hut 's east ridge . Drive twelve kilometers asphalt.

There is also a hiking trail from Tvardishki Pass, which takes an hour and a half. The area itself is excellent for all types of tourism - in the winter a lot of people indulge in cross-country skiing and snowboarding, as there is a ski slope with two lines.

In the neighborhood are Chumerna - only half an hour away , shelter Karaivanova Hori four hours , hut Bukovetz an hour and a half chalet boundaries, and those who love a long hike - nine and a half hours . You can reach Aglikina meadow and pass Vratnik respectively six and a half hours and seven hours. All trails are marked.

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