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Chumerna peak

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Chumerna is one of the tourist destinations in the country, which enjoys an enviable interest throughout the year. The peak is the highest in Elena Municipality - 1536 m . Surrounding area provides ideal conditions for many winter sports - skiing - hiking, snowboarding, cross - country skiing, ski - orienteering , hiking . Track has a length of 750 meters and has two lifts of the " skiers " . For the convenience of tourists and in response to the high interest in the area , is nearby hut " Chumerna ." There you can obtain the necessary equipment and gear , and to hire a professional ski - teacher or mountain guide.

From the slopes of Mount Chumerna you can access and run to another sleeping area . By the way leading from Chumerna leads to the runway end Miikovtsi . The advantage of this place is that the path is better and saved. Ski slope is suitable for both novices and advanced skiers. Unlike tows of Chumerna which has handles Miikovska with plates . Close to the ski slope is a well equipped ski .

Chumerna a beautiful and friendly place in summer. The terrain is suitable for camping and respite from the hot summer heat. At the top are held annually and cycling climbs organized by Elena Municipality and Tourist Association Chumerna . The competition is a great challenge for the participants , especially the last two kilometers of the route.

By Chumerna a beautiful and impressive view of the four cardinal directions . In clear weather you can see parts of the Rhodopes, Rila , Pirin and the Blue River. You can not miss not notice the old army barracks at the top, there is a military unit .

To Chumerna you can reach in several ways. By Elena on asphalt road distance is 26 km and from Tvarditsa - 17 km . After the opening of the passage Tvardica - Elena journey to the site significantly easier . Next to the base , however, be reached by crushed stone , mainly suitable for off-road vehicles .

In 2013 Chumerna took pride of place in a specially issued guide to tourist attractions in Veliko Tarnovo. In Guide includes 17 tourist routes and tourist sites include more "Tzarevetz" fortress , Regional Historical Museum in Veliko Tarnovo, museums, churches and monasteries in Arbanasi , Svishtov , Gorna Oryahovitsa, Kilifarevo, Voneshta water Helena Pavlikem , Lyaskovec , and Zlatarica, White church architectural reserve " Nicopolis ad Instrum " ancient military camp " Nove " and ecotrail Veliko Tarnovo- Transfiguration Monastery .

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