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Ustina Waterfall

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Ustinski beautiful waterfall is situated in the southern slopes of less Rhodope village bearing his name - mouths. It is located 3.5 km south of Perushtitza and is easily reached by road 8602 . Anyone who wants can pobrodi around its vicinity , where he soon finds another - an old Roman road - get to it . Ever curled proud and powerful , connecting Philippopolis and the Aegean - one of the few roads crossing two continents at that time. Remains have been preserved in many places , whispering to past greatness of the Byzantine state during the reign of Emperor Trajan , when it was built .

Once reached the place , the traveler can easily get the freshness of waterfall. Beginning of the path to it starts from the little square in the upper village , located to the right of the passing river . Mark the correct place is the fountain , which is located there, and friendly local would gladly walks anyone who asked . In a peaceful transition journey to the waterfall takes no more than 20-25 minutes.

Along the way impressed by the raw beauty , which is steeped in the whole area - towering , almost inaccessible rocks sticking out like grim sentinels around the village . In the past served as outposts and watchtowers of the garrison of the Emperor Justinian, who built a huge fortress in the region. Waterfall itself is among them - found their way to one of these rock edges , meeting ground after 15 -meter trip from their top .

Enjoy the beauty of the waterfall , curious tourists can continue around the area and head to the small chapel , which is reached in the same time . It is the second landmark in the area , built on the summit of a rocky hill , nestled at the foot of the highest part. There may be found suitable places for rest and relaxation - benches, hearths and shelters . Of these passengers can observe the beautiful panorama opens from there - spacious plane occurring lofty hills and village nestled between them.

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