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Central Beach Varna

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The central beach in the city is one of the most visited places in the summer, not only in her and throughout our country. With wide beaches covered with fine sand and calm seas, numerous restaurants of diverse nature - feeding, daily bars and discos, pubs coastal, it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The Varna Central beach you can meet all vacationers - families with young children, couples, lovers of water sports, people come here just for the party ... The sea is warm even at night because of the generous sun for sunbathing and the season begins in early May (for endurance) ends at the end of October month.

This is where some of the most popular restaurants in the seaside capital. First Street to Central Beach is a favorite place for entertainment and nightlife for locals and the many tourists. Huge variety of places to visit is the reason to gather as fans of traditional cuisine, seafood and home atmosphere, surrounded by a quiet and pleasant atmosphere and young people meant by "good time" noisy nightclubs.

Throughout the summer season The central beach is guarded by lifeguards, and the coastline are several medical points. You have the choice whether or not to indulge in the area with umbrellas and sunbeds paid or if you prefer to sunbathing in the free section of beach. Tourists are also showers and changing rooms.

Unfortunately, central beach is overbuilt and there is no way to find solitude. You should be careful if the water your children with you or you can not swim, because in this area the sea suddenly becomes deep and there is the potential for accidents.

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