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Route Asparuhovo - Djanavara

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The starting point of this light and pleasant route in the immediate vicinity of the city is the southernmost district of Varna "Asparuhovo" . Since it catches bus number 2 and get off at last stop called "Bunker" . From the track leads initially to the south and then with a gentle turn to the southeast to reach Arap stone fountain. It is located at a nice place, stay away from the hustle of the city and providing much-needed moments of tranquility in a rare quiet forest.

Our lightest and pleasant transition continues southwest to lead us in Borovets, where the southern area near Varna. It is about three kilometers from the district "Asparuhovo" and with the growth of the seaside capital gradually acquired the appearance of a residential complex. Thus, in practice, contacted the district "Galata" . Name the area due to the compact conifer plantations that grow around. One of the biggest advantages of Borovets is a spectacular view to the bay of Varna and the Black Sea is revealed here. Located near famous for its wild scenery and picturesque bays Pasha dere, and the resorts "Chernomorets" and "Fichoza".

With the ever so smooth curves route takes us in exactly the opposite direction and imperceptibly begins to lead us to the north. So not long after we reach Temelkova stone fountain, where also we can relax for a while. Generally the entire route conducive to peace and bliss can not be regarded as a classic tourist route, representing a test of physical and mental forces of nature lovers.

From Temelkova fountain we head northeast, gradually approaching the end point of the route - the bus stop in the area Dzhanavara. The track has an approximate length of eight kilometers and takes about 2 hours with a normal move. Suitable for tourists with varied physical training in the elderly and groups with small children. Provides an opportunity to combine the sea air of tranquility of the forest depths, without departing from civilization.

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