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Varna - Ethnographic Museum

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Varna, 22, ul. Panagyurische

Ethnographic Museum in Varna is housed in an old revival house built in the mid 19th century. It is exposed to a huge variety in the culture and lifestyle of the people of Varna region in the second half of the XIX and early XX century exhibition is the work of architect Kamen Goranov painter - Prof. Asen Stoytchev and ethnographers Maria Nikolova and Georgi Valkov . In the museum there are demonstrations of the major occupations of the Bulgarians from Varna - agriculture , animal husbandry, beekeeping , fishing , wine and crafts, such as cooperage , copper , leather and homespun ( tailors ) . The statement of the museum are separate places for two typical work habits concerning sowing and reaping . Items related to livestock - mostly pastoral are containers for storage and processing of milk ( buckets , cups , spoons , bowls ) . Below are the shepherd and accessories - yamurluk ( peak outerwear - a " cloak ") ulya ( pouch ) , crook (long rod -shaped end in the form of a snake ) . Beekeeping is practiced - quite old occupation of the Bulgarians. Until the advent of modern beehives used hollow trunks or conical " travni " woven willow or vine and plastered with a mixture of clay, cow manure and wood ashes. Bear on the hood of straw , ferns , twigs of leaves.

Fishing is the livelihood of paramount economic importance to Bulgarians Black Sea coast . The exhibition shows the tools used for river fishing and catching fish in the Black Sea - bag ( net bags with a sharp bottom) , blind basket , pots (system of blind baskets ) , different types of networks , metal and glass shamandurki to maintain network the water level , needles for knitting fishing nets .

On the second floor of the museum are displayed costumes, which give an idea of ​​the demographic landscape of the Varna region. Clothing of the population of Varna differs with its wide range due to the complex migration processes occurring in the early decades and at the end of the XIX century - the local population of Thrace, Asia Minor and Macedonia. Library of Ethnographic Museum has over 1,600 pieces books and albums , as well as periodicals , " Bulgarian ethnography ", " Bulgarian Folklore ," " Background ," " Ages" , "Art" , "Problems of culture ," foreign publications Russian , Serbian, Polish and German.

Working hours: 10:00 to 17:00

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