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Lazuren Bryag

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Camping "Lazuren bryag" is located just six kilometers from the center of the sea capital Varna. Situated in the area of ​​quarantine in the Bay of Asparouhov beach. Because of the great coastline covered with fine sand, crystal clear water, the presence of scenic cliffs and cool forests, the complex is one of the most popular on the Black Sea coast. Fans of nautical tourism can enjoy the beautiful panorama that unfolds from the campsite and to which he owes his name.

The complex offers its guests an excellent base for a holiday - all communications, food and entertainment, and retail outlets. "Lazuren bryag" is one of the best places on our coast, when it comes to water sports. Whether you prefer quiet fun as riding a pedalo, rowing, sea boat, or are a fan of the more extreme sports such as surfing, diving and underwater fishing, "Lazuren bryag" is a place where you can spend excellent.

It is one of the most attractive campsites for couples with young children. Excellent for gaming and entertainment complex that offers, as well as opportunities for complete relaxation of the parents are a huge advantage and appeal. Do not assume, however, that the campsite is not desired vacation spot for tourists who prefer more extreme experiences. On the contrary - "Lazuren bryag" provides all the possibilities for meaningful experience in this area.

Tourist base is located right on the beach in the cool forest. The hotel consists of eleven rooms, each with three or four beds. If you prefer not to give up luxury, but have fun in nature, you can stay at any of the six bungalows, each of which has a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. They all have two beds. The campsite offers guests and shared bathroom with hot water shower and a summer that has both tanks heated by the sun, and electric heaters. Our guests can cook meals in the dining room or take advantage of the services of catering and pastry shop on the campsite. There are areas of tension tents, caravan and campers, as well as places for barbecues and campfires. Overnight in the strongest season worth ten leva for adults and for children under five are free.

  • Restaurant
  • Kids Corner
  • Sport
  • Barbecue
  • Free Parking
  • Organization of Excursions
  • First Line
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Diving
  • Water Sports
  • Camping
  • Seaside

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