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Museum "Revival and Constituent Assembly" is located in the northern part of the square "Connection" in Veliko Tarnovo, in the building of the old Ottoman Konak (police department in the Ottoman Empire).

The building is cruciform, with a molded arched entrance from the north. Built by Kolyo Ficheto in 1872 terrain on which it is built, is terraced, so the north are two floors and the south - four.

In 1985, he completed the adaptation of the building to the museum. The exhibition is located on three floors. On the first floor are monuments illustrating the development of Christian art during the Ottoman rule. Central to this is an impressive collection of icons, from the middle of the XVI century, works of Tryavna art school icons primitive works of the first academic-academic artists - Stanislav Dospevski and Nikolai Pavlovich. The exhibition shows works of the master carvers. Turnovo region during the Renaissance are shown in the rest of the room. Exhibited objects and documents related to 17 of the city's 22 practiced craft. Through models and photographs are shown the development of architecture and construction in the era. Special attention is paid to the magnificent monuments created by Kolyo Ficheto. The second floor is dedicated to stage the most important moments in the national liberation struggle of the people of Turnovo region during the period of Ottoman rule. The third floor was restored hall where the Constituent Assembly was held in Sofia in 1879 (the first National Assembly of Bulgaria after the Liberation in 1878) laid the foundations for the development of modern Bulgaria.

Family tickets cost 6 BGN and 10 for lecture. Are available two-day packages for 10 sites.

Working hours: 09:00 to 18:00

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