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Veliko Tarnovo

Destination Veliko Tarnovo - Ksilifor area is one of the most visited by the inhabitants of the old city and many of his guests . The reason is prosaic - Ksilifor is only about 4 km from Veliko Tarnovo and the transition to it is easy , while this represents almost alley of history, along which you can enjoy views of the majority of the symbolic capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire locations.

Translated from the Greek, Ksilifor means "place of harvest" . This name is due to the underlying purpose of the area in the Middle Ages , the "dark " ages at the beginning of Ottoman rule in the Bulgarian lands and the Renaissance. Because of its proximity to Tarnovo , Gorna Oryahovitsa, Liaskovets and Arbanasy, the area became a convenient point for obtaining the necessary for the construction and wood heating . Fortunately forests in the region are fully recovered .

For Ksilifor you can go anywhere in the Veliko Tarnovo. However, the most suitable monument "Mother Bulgaria" on the Town Hall Square or the main entrance of Tsarevets . If you choose the first option , you should continue east along the building of the " Bulgarian Posts" . Soon you will reach the place where begins the " street of traditional crafts " Samovodska bazaar where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere characteristic of the Renaissance .

Following the small , narrow, cobbled streets in the old part of the town, gradually descends to the heart of the Second Bulgarian Empire - Tsarevets . Left deep river canyon Yantra rises Trapezitza hill and to the right of her big turn - other iconic medieval Tarnovo hill - Mount Athos. Right in front of us did rise characteristic powerful outlines of the fortress.

The square route descends along the road to Upper Oriahovitsa , leaving Tzarevetz right. At the lowest point it reaches the medieval church " Holy Forty Martyrs" and continues along the bed of the Yantra River in the historic district " Assen neighborhood ." Once you pass , the route is transferred across the metal bridge over the Yantra and gradually enters the beautiful, forested hills. To the right rises Lily Fortress and left - Laconia , where the climb ecotracks about the place .

Between two hills near the road is built recreation area with fountain. Him to Ksilifor takes approximately 15 minutes. The area abounds with playgrounds and pavilions , there are karst lake and if you decide to stay overnight , you can do it in located adjacent modern hotel "Lily fort ," and tourist lodge .

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