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Sarafkina House

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Veliko Tarnovo, 88, ul. Gurko

Sarafkin house is one of the architectural jewels of Veliko Tarnovo.It is located at "Gurko" street in the Renaissance town of Veliko Tarnovo. It was built in 1861 and was designed for the home and workplace of Dimo Sarafina. Better known by the name of his wife Anastasia as a house or Atastasiya Sarafkata - Sarafkitana house. In 1965 it was declared a cultural monument of national importance. From 1981 Sarafkin house museum where present ethnographic exhibitions.

The land on which it is built leads for architectural and predestined decision. The southern part that faces the river Yantra is five and north - from the street "Gurko" - two. The entrance from the street "Gurko" closed with a wooden door. He introduced into the entrance hall. On the eastern side began staircase leading to the lower three floors. There are service areas, warehouses and cellars. The first floor of the south end is with a large open terrace hanging over the river.

Now it is located exhibition "Folk Art of Turnovo region," which introduces the visitor to the main manifestations of folk art, typical of Veliko Tarnovo region in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century on the fourth floor there is a spacious hall, around which are grouped four rooms and several smaller auxiliary premises. The top floor is connected through a vestibule wooden staircase. Formed are four exhibition halls: "Crafts", "National Clothing, textiles and jewelry," Ritual objects "and the interior of the city (Tarnovo) Revival parlor. On the fifth floor presents a brief history of photography's, which can rightly be assigned to the arts.

The museum rests on Sunday and Monday. The whole family can visit him at 6 BGN.

Working hours: 09:00 to 18:00

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