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Historic Landmark
Trapezitsa Fortress

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At least 17 ​​churches have graced one time the second most important fortification in the old Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo - Trapezitza . Today scarce fragments reveal the beauty and the way in which she had once been built. The walls were decorated with frescoes and colorful mosaic floors and covered with beautiful ceramic tiles . Churches Trapezitza were richly decorated with a variety of architectural forms, pilasters , niches , blind arches , colorful tiles and clay colored round or four- plates glazed green or yellow, arranged in one or more curved lines. Artifacts like old crosses, necklaces , coins , rings , earrings, containers and other debris do indicate that Trapezitza lived rich and noble people. They lived in magnificent houses with stunning architecture .

Today, among the most interesting churches in this number 8 . It is known by the name "St. Ivan Rilski " . As is known, Tsar Ivan Asen I in 1195, has moved from the town of Sredets ( Sofia) in Veliko Tarnovo relics of St. Ivan Rilski . It is assumed that the reliquary was in the church of number 8 . The relics of the most revered saint in Bulgaria remain Trapezitza until 1469 is when they are transferred to the Rila Monastery.

The origin of the name of TrapezitsaHills coexist two posts . According to the first name comes from the word " Table" and, according to others - from the " trapeze " . Such is the plateau . A characteristic feature of the castle is that on three sides surrounded by the wild waters of the river Yantra . Four entrances lead to its interior south was the chief. Fortunately , some of it has been preserved to this day. Another feature of Trapezitza is that one time by a bridge has been associated with the stronghold of the hill . The bridge can be reached by road, carved into the rocks.

Trapezitza is one of the many historical sites in the country, which has a front that hides fabulous treasures . Legend has it that the castle functioned royal mint . Royal treasure was strictly kept in dungeons in Tzareva step. Hidden under the stone was hodnikat after which followed the stairs leading to the iron gate . Guards hidden in specially made ​​niche at the door , picking up gold. A secret door knew only the king and the guardian of the treasury. Legend also says that during the conquest of the Bulgarian lands from the Turks , the king commanded SHishman machines mint money , raw gold and silver coins to be transferred to the secret dungeon . Once this was done, the treasury was closed , and mint - demolished . Under piles of stones treasures left behind.

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