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Cycle route Bashegrek - Velingrad

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The starting point of this bike route is Bashegrek lawn. Although little known to mainstream tourists, it is a wonderful place, tucked away in the Batak part of the mountain. There are excellent conditions for tensioning a tent or sleeping bag accommodation, especially if you want to be away from the city noise and overcrowded our large resorts. Nice fountain, fresh air, beautiful scenery, ample space on which you can deploy and spend a nice time alone or in the company of your loved ones ... 

Before you go on Bashegrek, you should consider that in the next twenty kilometers from Bike no sources, so fill all available containers. Takes in an easterly direction along the way and only after three kilometers to reach the place where distinct clearing descends from Mount Small Syutkya (2078 m altitude). Here the route turns left and top shortcuts and after a kilometer long and great road from the valley of the River Mechkina. 

At this point you need to make a right turn, and then only half a mile you will come to another junction where the route takes you to the left to place the oven. Less than two kilometers later, out of this vast meadow from which panoramic views in all directions. This is one of the places where you can really feel the spirit of Batak Mountain, located in the heart of the mountains. 

It descends along a forest road in places Dzhandarite, Grashovska meadow and gully Bankin the picturesque valley of the nearby river. Note that to Grashovska clearing where the track goes out of ridge and receive excellent visibility, it is important to track the marking. From the route runs along inseparably Bankin gully descends to the main road between Sarnitsa and Velingrad, in which you can safely return to its starting point. Take your time, it is worth exploring the area carefully because its beauty is indescribable.

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