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Cycling route hut Kladova - Veli...

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The starting point of this bike route is situated at 1650 meters altitude hut "Kladova" located in the same name in the Rhodope Mountains, at the foot of Mount Chernovets (1834 m). It is a massive two-storey building whose capacity is thirty-four places, such as bathrooms and toilets are outside. Two bungalows nearby are ten beds, all buildings are electrified and heated with solid fuel stoves and electricity. A separate building houses a restaurant and bar. There are some tourist sites, which would certainly be of interest to every tourist - Yundola, Milevi rocks and Equal Bore, and, of course, and the aforementioned peak Chernovets.

The route starts from the lawn in front of the hut and down the good road marked with a red triangle in the southeast. You should be aware that not long after the slope increases significantly, but the way of places is very unearthed by heavy rains. About a kilometer and a half after the cabin reach Pechenek area where stands a huge rock on top of which you get stunning views of the highest peaks of the Rhodope ridge Alabak and tis valley.

Here we must abandon the road and take a right excellent recognizable pathway. After a short descent out of another forest road and turn right again, moving down the slope. Kilometer later, the route is removed from the road and turned left on a wide path, which is also down. In places along the route has grown tree and shrub cuttings, but this will hardly bother you, given the incredible views that unfold in all directions.

The trail descends to the picturesque valley of the river Elenka. After easy and pleasant driving route takes you to a place Old Mountains, and then to the district "Kamenica", one of three former villages, which are formed of Velingrad. The trail is easy and pleasant, and in the most part do not even have to pedal as it comes to a smooth descent. There is an option to upload from Velingrad the hut, again using the same route, but then you have to work hard with pedals.

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