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Cycling route Velingrad - Brezi ...

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This cycle route has a length of thirty-six kilometers and an average level of difficulty. However, if you're new to mountain biking, familiarize yourself with the route before you take such an adventure.

The starting point is Velingrad - one of our biggest spa and spa resorts, tucked away in the folds of magic Rhodopes. The city, founded in 1948 after the merger of the villages Chepino, Ladzhene and Kamenica, and named after the partisan and later communist functionary Vela Peeva track leads to the southeast along the river Lepenitsa.

About ten kilometers the route follows the main road to reach the entrance of the eponymous cave - one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria. It has three floors, the lowest passing the river, and the others are interesting because of stalactites, stalagmites and other rock formations, the work of the millennial influence of water and other natural disasters.

From the cave Lepenitsa route continues to climb gradually until it reaches the narrow asphalt road to the outskirts of the area Kachakov Chark. You can rest briefly near the cozy spring, enjoying the beautiful views that unfold in all directions. Continues to the north, the route takes you through two scenic areas - Removo and Blatsa, the second of which in most of the warmer months is partly covered with water.

It is in the upper end of the large meadows Blatsa when pass agricultural buildings there should be direct flights depart forest road. He climbs smoothly and begins to descend to reach the area Brezi representing a large mountain meadow. This is one of the places where you can enjoy the most stunning panoramic views of Mount Syutkya (2186 meters altitude) - third in the Rhodopes.

From the route down to the picturesque valley of the Lepenitsa. Do not hurry to leave it and enjoy the mountain beauties that lie before you, as soon the track reached the asphalt road to Velingrad and imperceptibly you back to civilization.

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