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Elin peak

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Elin Peak / 1,568 m asl / Northwest is located in Rhodope Mountains , northwest of Velingrad / over quarter of Kamenica / . From the city to the top takes about three hours jog on a beautiful trail , starting from the Kamenica area . At the very top is a chapel St. Elias , there are murals by renowned artist Velingrad I found Veselinov . There is also a fountain with ice cold mountain water . From the top a magnificent view towards the city , it appears most of the Rhodopes - Batak share and Syutka peak , and also see part of Pirin . There are several options for driving in the area between Varvara and Elin peak.

Whether you choose only one of the paths , or will make a few rides to try them all, the following descriptions will be useful for you . Many of the trails in the area are not maintained and the availability of navigational device is recommended. Of course , if you are experienced enough in skiing , you can try yourself.

Nearby river with its picturesque gorge divides arrays of Milevi rocks ( 1593 m asl) and Elin peak ( 1568 m asl) . Over "posts " villages Barbara and Vetren dol pouring a series of paths . For Barbarian paths and popular Milevi rocks have a lot to write and tell , but I will graduate from the east side of the gorge to the less mentioned and visited hills of Mount Elin . Starting from Barbara will reach the area Garvanitsa ( Garvanov stone) , just below the very peak Elin . From the local cliffs an unforgettable view to the mountains, Snezhnik , Batak , Velingrad, Syutkya , Milevi rocks beneath your feet is Tzepina fortress . Little there is peeling Rila and in the corner was dwellers Pirin . For bikers who are interested more paths than the sights , there is a good news and bad news . The good news is that there are trails , and a very good and varied, the bad news is that some of them have almost taken over by the forest. However, almost every fan of mountain biking will find something for themselves. Beginners cross country lovers will be able to enjoy the steep and not so steep roads up and down. More aggressive down rejoice in grooves and in the lower part of the mountain and paved walkways . Fans of skiing will undoubtedly get enough satisfaction from the path to the station Marko Nikolov. With a little extra effort can be seen and the remarkable Tsepina .

Perhaps the most appropriate season for skiing here is spring or early summer . The starting point is quite low and the water up probably dry summer progresses . The route is given as an essential way to climb down deviations from different levels. The highest point Garvanitsa is uniquely beautiful place and a must- visit. From there you can continue to the fortress Tsepina and harvesting there in Tsepina station , or to go back on the road and to use any of these or not yet described roads and trails.

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