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Art Gallery Nikola Petrov

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Vidin, 2, pl. Bdintsi

Vidin Art Gallery "Nikola Petrov" was founded in 1961, The Gallery is housed in a beautiful building of the former Military Club. It was erected in 1892 by the architectural technician Thomas ( Todor ) Vrohot on the foundations of old pepper ( fortified gate) . It was declared a monument of culture of Bulgaria . Initiator of the creation of an art gallery in Vidin is the local cultural activist and politician Angel Budev . Founded in 1961 , and a decision is taken in 1960, the Regional Art Gallery in Vidin was officially opened on May 25, 1962 In 1976, the 60th anniversary of the death of the artist Nikola Petrov , born in Vidin and drew his hometown , the staff of the gallery decided to choose him for a patron . Then placed his bas-relief above the front door of the gallery , the work of Georgi Tschapkanow , and the name and became CAG "Nikola Petrov" . In 1987, the removal of the county as an administrative structure on behalf of the gallery dropped the word " county ." The first exhibits in the collection of the works of art purchased from the collection of Michael Kremen and Bogomil Raynov and works created during the sessions, particularly organized in 1962 by the Municipality of Vidin Vidin branch of UBA , which exhibit artists throughout the country. Among the participants in the symposium reveal the names of Stoyan Venev , Panaiot Panaiotov , Ivan Hristov , Ilia Petrov and Alexander Poplilov .

The exhibition is made up of 3 sections: painting, graphics and sculpture. Among the works are paintings of Ivan Mrkvicka , patron of the gallery Nikola Petrov , Vladimir Dimitrov the Master, Boris Nenov Orphan Wanderer , Zlatyo Boyadzhiev Nenko Balkan Boris Mitov , Svetlin , Nayden Petkov, Alexander Petrov and others. In the section "Graphics " kept original works of Bulgarian Veselin Staikov schedules , Vassil Zahariev , July Minchev, Goldie Oak , Galileo Simeonov, Peter Chuklev , Rumen Skorchev and others. Besides them , the possession of the gallery are 40 original prints of foreign artists such as Rembrandt van Rein, Albrecht Durer , Jean - Francois Millet , Eugène Delacroix , Gustave Dore , Francisco Goya , Paul Gavarna , Honore Daumier and France Mazar .

Collection department "Sculpture" includes works by masters such as John Funev Dimitar Ostojic , Anastasia Gyukova, Alexander Apostolov, Prodan Prodanov, Lubomir Dalchev and others.

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