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Vidin, 3, ul. Gradinska

In 1879, the Vidin was founded Charity theatrical company "Vida" . The first performances were in the so-called " National Coffee" in Boyar neighborhood. Theater "Vida " was built in 1891 with funds collected from the " structure of theater " Vida ", founded in 1887 by an initiative committee . This is the first building constructed in our country especially for theater needs - a large hall , ground floor, boxes and galleries, big stage , orchestral and glazed roof.

The designer of theater is not known. In 1893 . chief engineer of the city Carl Machas redraws the project, but does not indicate who the author .

The building is located at the entrance of the Danube Park .

Today Vidin Theatre has a wide repertoire and exports its productions 2 seasons a year - on their own stage on the summer scene in the castle "Baba Vida" . Participates in many international theater festivals - in Serbia , Romania, Moldova.

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