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Vidin Puppet Theatre

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Vidin, 4, ul. Pazarska

Puppet theater in the town of Vidin was established in 1976 to the community center Color . In 1980 he obtained the status of the State Theatre and became a division of the Ministry of Culture. Since 2000, passed a joint funding to Vidin Municipality and the Ministry of Culture. Currently it employs 24 people . Acting group of 9 people, has its own director, has art studios , technical staff and administration. His repertoire is mainly targeted at child audiences , but play shows for adults.

Annually out 3-4 new productions in his feature posted Vidin puppetry keep 10-12 titles. During the year, playing 200 shows in and around the city , as well as relevant scenes in the country. Of Vidin scene you can see performances from all theatrical genres, artists work with different systems dolls as keen and enduring interest in the theater of shadows. Vidin Puppet Theatre is the only Bulgarian theater, which is a member of the European Association " Art for children and young people " based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands .

State Puppet Theatre - Vidin, maintain professional contacts with the French theater company " Palace of fables " in Paris , together with that achieved in 1997, the theater project " On the other side of the eyes."

Vidin puppet theater has participated in many national and international meetings and festivals and winner of many prestigious awards. Vidin puppetry has successfully toured in Germany, Austria , Yugoslavia, Mongolia , Croatia , Romania , Hungary, Albania.

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