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Drama - puppet theatre Vratsa

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Vratsa, 1, pl. Hr. Botev

On August 27, 1938 Vratsa Regional Theatre, formed as a traveling , gave his first performance " Secret" . Inauguration of the first theatrical season of theater going on October 9, 1938 on the stage of the old hall of the Cultural Center " Development " in Vratsa " pier " .

On 20 January 1941 opened the new building of the library "Development " designed by architect Vasilyov and Tzolov . For time is the modern library building in northwestern Bulgaria . The salon has nearly 600 seats. So Vratsa district theater he finds his permanent base. During this season the theater for the first time in its history served its youngest fans and children play.

Preparations for the 1948-9 season , the theater began as a theater in Vratsa . Their performance reveals its participation in the first review of contemporary Bulgarian drama in Sofia, June 5 - July 2, 1952

For '25 theater is exported around 7200 performances of 150 plays, watched by 2.5 million viewers. This season for the first time in the country on the stage of Vratsa National Theatre presents the historical drama " Despot Dobrotitca " by N. Fol .

Vratsa National Theatre opens 1965-66 season , was renamed as Vrachanski Theatre . In the late 1960s and early 1970s years Vratsa Theatre entering a period of artistic maturity and need among cultural institutions in northwestern Bulgaria .

At the beginning of 1968 in the basement hall of the Cultural Center " Development " was established chamber theater with 144 seats, which finds a place in the cultural life of Vratsa and it became a center for the achievements of the "small" theater forms from 1977 to today. Since June 1978 the theater was transferred to the newly opened building, Palace of Culture.

Since 2000, the State Drama Theatre and Puppet Theatre are united as Dramatic Theatre . It has its own theater building, a hall with 748 seats, a chamber hall with 100 seats, puppet hall with 80 seats and ballet hall with 70 seats. The troupe is made up of 68 people , 25 of which - artistically creative staff and 43 - administrative and technical .

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Working hours: 14:00 to 19:00

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