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Ecopath Karst and Biodiversity

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The route of the educational trail " Karst and Biodiversity " begins and ends in front of the visitor center " Prilepa" (The Bath), located near one of the biggest attractions of the Vratsa Balkan - Ledenika cave . Track crawls part of the massif , introducing tourists to the incredible richness and beauty of the karst , typical of the region .

The shape of the route is approximately a circle and takes about two hours. The educational nature of the eco-trail lies in the fact that it is suitable for the passage of the children even in the last group of kindergarten and first school classes , but also through a number of information boards placed in specific locations acquainted with nature lovers Vratsa Karst and its positive impact on the biodiversity of the region.

The creators of the route from "Vrachanski Balkan" sought to help the curious tourists to understand what a karst is formed and how the connection has its presence in a given area of woodland animal razbnoobrazie and people. They also tried to focus visitors' attention on the importance of eco-trail protection of karst formations.

The track is relatively mild , although in places to a potential danger given that it is not to be approached with due caution. By contrast, however, it offers an unforgettable walk through the pine , beech and oak forests of the Vratsa Balkan opportunity to touch its bizarre rock formations and magnificent views .

For many of us who have not previously had the opportunity to know the specific properties of limestone rocks , it would be very interesting to see that they create specific niches where certain plants grow , meet certain animals and form a kind of micro- . The area of eco-trail is the abode of various interesting fauna such as deer , rabbit, porcupine , wild boar . Nearby is the cave Ledenika that you should definitely visit.

Displacement of the route is not particularly high , although some of the climbs are relatively steep . At the beginning "Karst and Biodiversity " is about 830 meters above sea level .

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