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Museum of the child

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Vratsa, 2, ul. David Todorov

Located in the museum "Gregory Naidenov" in the center of Vratsa and also as a museum of carriages is part of the ethnographic complex of town called Sophronius of Vratsa.

Half of the museum (bottom) presents the life of rural children and the other (top) of those cities. It's the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Rural children's toys are hand made with great skill and ingenuity of any fall - leaves, old clothes and wood are common materials. Usually represented puppets of people and animals whose heads often were produced by sucking. Children's clothes from the village are simple, convenient and healthy, but children and roans are also present, represented by a simple and rustic way. There is little pitchers speckled with bright colors - a substitute for baby bottles and nipples.

Urban kids have even more precise and expensive clothes and toys provided upstairs. Exhibited mass-produced toys with exquisite colors and shapes and precision work, hats, headscarves are not rustic, colorful children's chairs, wooden toys carved in the shapes of horses, soldiers, poultry and other children's books, drum cubes. The displayed clothes are more expensive materials, with more sophisticated embroideries and pictures. There are also baby clothes, socks and bibs small. Pride of the curators of the museum is a luxury pram, on display after a long and careful restoration. A great rarity is also crib whose metal trays are decorated with fabulous pictures.

The two exhibitions are arranged and many pictures of those times, which also help the people of modern times to imagine how they were grown in their grandparents.

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