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Trail Voevodin dol - Skaklya

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Cognitive routes " Voevodin dol - Skaklya " passes through some of the most characteristic areas of the reserve " Vratsa Karst ." It presents to visitors a very beautiful natural resources of the protected area , without leaving the background of flora and fauna that inhabit it . Besides the impressive karst formations , here tourists can see deposits of rare plants Alpine Campion and wildly Sassafras wood, and the sky is going to soar endangered black vulture and Egyptian vulture.

The route of the " Voevodin dol - Skaklya " takes about 5 hours. The route is relatively tough , so it's nice to be well equipped and your group have experienced tourists. The starting point of the transition is in the picturesque gorge Vratsata where starts climbing through woodland Voevedin dol. Ravine is generally dry, but after heavy rains it runs wildly creek .

Left leaning over the valley sheer rock wall on which are noted the entrances of many speleological structures , including Voevodinata and Radanov cave goats . There are two places to rest, after the second of which begins a steep climb to the ridge .

View, which opens from the top, however , will satisfy the most demanding hikers . Hence we can obtain a realistic picture of the spectacular dimension of the central wall Vratsata that confronts us in all its glory . Limestone pit height is more than 450 meters, which makes it the highest in the Balkans . Of the ridge is a gazebo where you can relax and enjoy the stunning views. Next door is the alpine cot where you can sample delicious homemade cheese.

After continuing along the ridge ( where you can be seen the remains of an ancient fortress ) is reached Karakachan cave used in the past for the storage of milk and meat. Hence, the distance to the cliff from which descends Skaklya (141 m) , the highest intermittent flowing waterfall in the Balkans, is very small . In the surrounding rocks lies a cave of the same name , which has a population of eared owl.

The trail descends into the ravine of the waterfall . The descent is very steep and requires great concentration. Pass through numerous cliffs and karst cliffs and the duration of the descent is about an hour. Then it starts much shallow and flat . Soon we reach the beautiful fountain near which we can relax before we head off on the last part of the route which that takes us in Vratsa .

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