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Vrtsa Karst reserve

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Vratsa Karst is a reserve in the park " Vratsa Balkan " . It occupies an area of 1409 ha. It has been established in 1983, covers the northern , mostly rocky slopes of Vratsa Mountain near Bazovski and Stresherski shares. It is located between the end of the quarry near the village Pavolche cave Zmeyuva hole at the foot of Mount Bivolarsky and Karnov in Vratsa Mountain . Divided almost symmetrically from the Leva River into two parts. From quarry to Vrattzata extends Bazovski share of reserves, and the second - Stresherski extends from Vrattzata to Karnov peak. The altitude ranges from 250 to 850 meters Reserve comprises karstic massif 10 km long , consisting of numerous caves , ravines , sheer rock walls up to 450 m protected area was established to preserve scenic and distinctive local karst terrain with various geomorphological formations , unique cave fauna , flora and many sub-Mediterranean relict species. The appearance of forest plantations is determined by hornbeam , hornbeam , flowering ash , beech , field maple , pine and others. There are many common relict , endemic and endangered plant species. Representatives of wildlife in the reserve is dominated bats, black gravedigger roller , Alpine Swift, Black Stork , Egyptian vulture. There are golden eagle, common buzzard , hobby and other birds of prey using only the area for hunting. There are polecat , wild and Crimean lizard , adder and others. Much of the animals listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria as endangered. The reserve is managed and guarded by the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water of Vratsa.

Territory of Vratsa Karst reserve is rich in caves and chasms . Have been registered with the name and number 43 number of caves, as the number of unregistered undoubtedly significant. One of the frequently visited cave Skaklya . Included in cognitive route " Voevodin dol - Skaklya " which shows characteristic parts of the reserve " Vratsa Karst ', including high attractive landscapes . Other caves that you can explore through specialized sightseeing routes are Halychyna cave Voevodinata cave niche and many others. Management and security of the reservation shall be made in accordance with the Protected Areas Act . Every visit to Vratsa Karst must be coordinated .

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