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Waterfall "Skaklya" Vratsa

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Vratsa, zad halm Kaleto

Waterfall "Skaklya" near the town of Vratsa is the highest unstable waterfall in Bulgaria. Violent, sparkling and crystal water descends 130 feet. The waterfall is impressive for its grandeur and beauty. It is situated in one of the most picturesque slopes of the Balkans - Vratsa Balkan, among old green forests and inaccessible cliffs, filled day of bird songs and night by the melodic voice of crickets.

In summer the water is reduced but splash her falling in wavy vertical rock refract sunlight in the afternoon tourists observed in several places the colors of the rainbow. The waterfall is the most abounding in water after rains. The road to the waterfall starts from the county hospital of the town of Vratsa. In this area in place Bair, Vasil Levski was held in late August 1872 meeting with the local revolutionary committee.

The area is very attractive and tempting for climbers. The rocks are so high that one can numb with fear, looking at them. But they allow fans to experience rock climbing a unique feeling and to lift up their adrenaline. From the top of the waterfall is a beautiful view of the city and its environs. Hence the intersection and several tourist routes leading to various beauties in the picturesque mountains.

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Vratsa - Attraction Waterfall Vratsa - Attraction Waterfall