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Ecopath Serbian Ramonda

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Ecopath " Serbian ramonda" is located in northwestern Bulgaria . It is only half a kilometer long . Located in the village of Varbovo , Chuprene Municipality , Vidin region. It was created to promote nature-lovers to plant Serbian ramonda occurring along her

Ramonda serbica Pancic is herbaceous species threatened with extinction. Called small phoenix plant family Silivryakovi is named so because it is opisanao for the first time in the Serbian part of the gorge of Erma . Serbian ramonda is characterized by his meaty , serrated leaves with 4-7 long and 2-3 inches wide . They are arranged in the form of a rosette , are narrower at the base and at the top, have a rounded shape. Height of the plant only reaches a few inches .

Serbian ramonda blooms in spring ( April and May ) and Balkan endemic , growing at an average altitude ( 350-900 m). It grows on limestone rocks and relict species survived the Tertiary ( there is about 70 million years ago) . Interestingly the origin of the " name" of the flower - Little Phoenix . It is able to survive under anabioza about a year and a half. This means that even if herbarized Serbian ramonda , it can be revived to life even months later if you poleem and implant .

However impressive quality , Ramonda serbica Pancic is threatened with extinction. This is due to global warming and human activity. To be saved , the habitation of the plant on Bulgarian territory included in the European ecological network " Natura 2000 " .

Ecotrail " Serbian ramonda " starts Varbovo village and passes through some of the biggest mansions of the plant on Bulgarian territory. It is absolutely accessible to all tourists , as well as in all seasons . After traveling only a few hundred meters the route ends at the bridge on the road for 12 km away Belogradchik.

Willow and its surroundings offer razbnoobrazni ways for a good time . Near the village there for two dams , suitable for camping and fishing. Varbovo in an old church, whose paintings have been restored recently.

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