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Treshtenik hut

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The chalet is located in the " Treshtenik " ares of 1764 meters above sea level on the southern slope of Rila Mountain . Located near the National Park "Rila" , known for its diversity of plant and animal species. Guests of the lodge are excellent conditions for winter and summer recreation. The hut is a massive four-storey building with a capacity of 77 seats, which are divided into rooms with two , three and four beds and three apartments. The hut has electricity and water and the heating is carried out centrally. All rooms have their own bathrooms and toilets . There is a restaurant , bar and nightclub.

Nearby is the old hut . It has a capacity of about 50 seats. The beds are in rooms three and four in the dormitories . This building bathrooms and bathrooms are internal and general. The old building is water and electricity and the heating is done by solid fuel stoves . On the ground floor of the old cabin has kitchen and dining room . The guests have parking. In advance of customers can organize walking tours with a guide , trekking with horses and carts , participation in hunting and fishing trips , picnics, green schools and conference tourism.

The starting point is the city Yakorouda which is 14 kilometers from the area " Treshtenik" . Road can move a motor vehicle on an asphalt road or along a marked path , which takes 3.00 hours .

The location is convenient for trekking hiking trails to the huts " Potter " - 2.30 hours and " Semkovo " - 3.30 hours and the beautiful " Lakes Yakoruda " -3.00 hours .

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