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Route Yarlovo village - Yarema Inn

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The route is relatively mild , lasting about three hours with a displacement of 300 meters. Suitable for beginner hikers and nature lovers for not particularly good physical condition. The beginning of the route is in the center of Yarlovo . Goes on the road to Kovachevtsi, but only after several minutes departing to the east and along school " Vasil Levski " come to the end of the village. After the cemetery take to the northeast along a dirt road.

Gradually, the track climbs and reveals panoramic views to Verila with highest peak Great Debelets ( 1415 m altitude ), behind which rises like a wall the powerful Northern Rila. To the north you can enjoy the most spectacular peaks in the southern part of the Vitosha mountain - Great Vetren, Voychinov rid, Yarlovski Kupen and Ostritsa.

From the track down into the valley of the River Chegaritsa the place at which its three primary streams merge . The road forks and the route continues along the left branch to the northeast . After getting off to a riverbed trail heads north along the path leading to the abandoned farm buildings. Continue through the fields in the area Chikevitsa then passes under a transmission line Bobovdol - Sofia.

Is a nice climb with a slight slope . The road enters the beech forest and crosses part of the river springs area Stratorishtnitsa . The route reaches the area Shalamanov egretsi representing large sloping meadow covered with juniper and fruit trees. Here the route leads ot the north. Rather, it departs from the river valley and onto a flat, covered with stone cairns and juniper bushes ( juniper ) .

The climb continues as low under the path runs Grachki River . It got to the area Toshovi egretsi representing large tilted eastward meadow. On its left rises the peak BIg Ostritza ( 1708 m ) . Hence continues almost horizontally, pass by the influx of Stanchov Dol and Grachki river and reaches the valley of the second of them.

After about 200 meter transition the stream route crosses the river to take a well shaped path located near the left valley slope. It got to the junction, which goes from left to reach the road from Samokov to Sofia. After another left turn we find ourselves at inn " Yarema " .

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