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Route Yarema - Siva Gramada peak

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The starting point of this route is Yarema inn located in the eponymous area of Bistrishko road , about 4 km after Zheleznitsa village. Initially take the road to the village, but only after about 50 m asphalt track abandoned and continues to the left , climbing the clearly distinguishable time following the right bank of the river Yarlovska .

After approximately five minutes to reach the artificial alley that divert some of the river , but still under the previous time . Go through the mixed coniferous and beech forest to get after another 15 minutes to the place where the two initial flows of Yarlovska River merge.

The right one has a catchment area of the eastern slopes of Mount Siva Gramada, the end point of our route . Ridge of his right valley slope ( which is a peak Lashova mound ) separates it from the catchment area of ​​the White Water and the left ( with peak Gradishteto ) serves to limit left Yarlovska initial flow of a river which originates below the peak Belcheva mound.

Influx is situated directly below the peak Gradishteto. From this point the trail turns left bank of the right initial flow. Just a few minutes later, the road crosses the stream and passes his right valley slope , climbing in mixed deciduous forest. Soon onto a ridge meadow around which grow artificially planted pines .

After crossing her path goes northwest , following the high left bank of White Water . It shortcuts peak Lashova mound and reaches bare watershed ridge above it. Just after the road which turns right and continues still more difficult to distinguish the northwest path. High before us is clearly crossed the ridge between the peaks Voychinov ( Charoleya ) and Siva Gramada . Soon they reached a fountain near which there are excellent conditions for rest.

The trail turns west , heading straight for the ridge and passing several springs and streams reaching the minor groove , which gives the name of Sakun Hole. This area is the main spring area of the White River water. Draweth reached for another half hour, and thus climb the beautiful and scenic Mount Grey heap is relatively easy.

Displacement of the transition is relatively small (600 meters) and the indicative time to climb under two hours. Gray heap you can return back to the starting point , to descend to villages Chouipetlovo and Yarlovo or continue to Skoparnik peak ( 2226 m altitude ) and the highest peak of Vitosha Black Peak ( 2290 m ) .

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