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Stone wedding

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4 km east of Kardjali, near the village Zimzelen are the most visited natural pyramids in Bulgaria. Every year people come to unravel and enjoy the various forms that the rocks formed.

These intriguing rock formations extend the total area of about 40 acres, they represent a unique and beautiful views. Most of the rock figures reach a height of about 10 meters, and the presence of various metal oxides in the rock gives them a variety of colors and colored stone wedding is interesting in pink, red and brown.

About the natural wonder Stone Wedding we heard a beautiful legend that tells of an unhappy love affair. According to the story of a young man who loved Zimzelen girl from nearby village. Levent was enchanted by the lovely eyes that were blue as the sky.

At that time the girls had to walk necessarily veiled with only their eyes visible. The young man haunted by this incredible eyes, wanted more and more to glimpse the face of the girl. Boy`s father went to the girl's parents and after some exhortations failed to redeem it. Arise heavy wedding, but on the road to the village Zimzelen suddenly blew strong winds and blow away the veil of the bride. Everybody saw the undescribable beauty of the girl.

Then the father in law jealous of his son, but because of his impure thoughts natural forces led everyone into stone. Only the groom lived in bitter tears and begged the wind to harden him too. Natural element to fulfill the request, resulting in the phenomenon Stone wedding today, standing next to a puddle, which is considered to unending tears of hapless bridegroom. Wonderful and magical place!

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