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Zlatna livada

Monastery "St. Athanasius" is located on a hill above the village of Golden Meadow, about 15 km from Chirpan.

It is believed that this is the oldest monastery in Europe, since according to historical records Saint Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria, personally founded the monastery in 344, he visited present-day Bulgarian lands in connection with the Ecumenical Council of Serdika in 343-344, the According to his biography stayed near Beroe (Stara Zagora today) and founded a monastery. Site for the construction of the monastery was not chosen randomly - once near the monastery passed important route Constantinople - Serdika moreover above the monastery was an important fortress, the remains of which can be seen today. Nearby there were Thracian Nymfaia - sanctuary dedicated to the nymphs who became Saint Athanasius Water Christian sanctuary. Even today it is considered that in the Holy Spring Water is healing. In the rocks above the monastery there is a hermitage, where the saint and his followers remained in the days of fasting and solitude. Hermitage is available for visitors to the monastery.

Monastery "St. Athanasius" is acting convent, offers accommodation, but upon request.

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Zlatna livada - Attraction Monastery Zlatna livada - Attraction Monastery Zlatna livada - Attraction Monastery