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The tourist route from the hut " Rebel Song" during peak "Kucheto" to hut " Kozya Stena " is one of the lightest and at the same time attractive in the Central Balkan Mountains. The most convenient starting point for " Rebel Song" is Chiflik ( Municipality Troyan, District Lovech) where access is a seven kilometer road, or a marked hiking trail around part and a half.

The hut is one of the most visited in the central part of the mountain , mainly because of its easy accessibility and picturesque places in the area her building has two floors and has a capacity of 38 seats and end it are built bungalows , which almost doubled its bed base.

From " Rebel Song" route follows a marked path with many a winding coils on the right bank of the river bed of Rogatcheva . After a leisurely drive with almost no significant vertical displacement begins ascent of Mount Touman share ( 1,182 m ) connecting the lateral rib Stara Planina to the main ridge and located on the watershed between rivers and Rogacheva Kozeshtitsa .

After passing near the impressive rocks with a height of about 50 meters, known as Rogachevi stones route crosses large , sloping lawn Kiselincha , and out at the foot of cliffs dreaded the Dog ( 1660 meters altitude ) . The peak is located immediately west of the crest area known as Stena . In its surroundings grow a number of rare and endangered species of flora , form is valuable plant communities and live wild goats, red deer , roe deer and, of course , wolves, bears and other rare species.

Here you can climb to the top or just sweeped following path in the south-western direction through a beech forest, about 20 minutes will take you to the Windy Saddle preslap a place where a monument to perished mountain hut manager Petko Datchev . The route mainly rocky shortcuts Stara Planina ridge to the south and descends gently to the hut " Kozya Stena."

The chalet is located in the Hajduk fountain of 1562 meters in one of the most picturesque areas of the central Balkans and as its name suggests , is literally perched on the edge of sheer cliffs creepy . The building is massive and three , became a symbol of the Balkan beauty.

The transition from " Rebel Song" to Stena during peak dog is an exciting and relatively easy , but in no case should it take in winter or early spring because many areas are avalanche . The duration is about 3 hours .

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