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El Saguaro Cave

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The cave is located in the area were Bilin Dol and locates near in the village Gubesh, Godech municipality , Sofia Province . It is 10 km. from city Godech and 55 km northwest of Sofia.

Starting point to the cave or from the road to the village of Godech lose or village Gintsi . In the village Gintsi is preferable if you will be participants sleep in Dol were because there with a little luck you can still be reached by car.

The entrance of the cave is easy to find . Located 10 minutes north

walking distance from the lowest point of Dol were at the foot of the gum. Go to the wooden shelter at the top of Billy dol ( it becomes for the night in a pinch , there are mattresses and blankets, but it is very dirty ) . Shelter near a fountain . Departs on a creek that flows from it. After 50 meters it disappears . Saguaro is 20 meters to the left of this place . At its entrance was painted number 2433 . Admission is plumb of about a few meters. Can not pass without a rope , but it is desirable to throw as for balance. In the main gallery cave is very busy . There are 3 memorable constrictions that on top of not shorter. In all there are puddles , assuming that

constant. After small places go out in huge gallery. When return the left has 3 large and very beautiful branches, which must be

visit , there is the best part of the cave. It is rich in various shapes , which should not be overlooked . Penetration continues not less than 6 hours and is very tiring .

The total length of the cave El Saguaro is 2,217 m and the altitude is 135 meters. Modern topographic data lead to the conclusion that it is about 117 m

El Saguaro cave is very beautiful strong downward cave with an underground stream. Visited only by trained cavers . Unfortunately, it can be seen an example of honest vandalism. There are, many broken formations. Also, in many places you can see the discarded batteries and exhausted carbide.

Near the village Gubesh offers visitors peace of mind and merging with nature.

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