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Kurdjali dam

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One of the landmarks of Kardjali is Kardzhali dam , which is one of the biggest in Bulgaria. His arch-wall is 109 meters high and is one of the largest in Europe.

The dam is located 2km from the city and going to it can be combined with a walk.

In summer, the dam serves as a means of recreation for many residents and guests of Kardjali city.In close proximity are built hotels, restaurants, summer cottages. Attraction for visitors are Emona ship and floating restaurants offering a rich fish menu. Tourists are still offering pedal boats, jet and water skiing. Kardjali dam is built and modern base Rowing Federation, where the nationalt team held their regular camp duties.

Sunny and mild autumn days coupled with beautiful views of different colored woods and gently bathed in haze surrounding mountains, creating conditions for recreation and aesthetic enjoyment. These conditions fix high recreational, sports and tourism potential of the area.

Located northwest of Kardzhali. Length 24 km.

Great for hiking and fishing.

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