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Bulharnika cave

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"Balharnika'' cave is located in the village of Milanovo ( Vratsa district ) in the area Horse holes.

The total length of the cave is 13.53 meters and the displacement is 1.60 m .

The cave entrance is revealed in the highest part of the so -called Lakatnishki / Milanovski / Ossikovski rocks. It is located about 2 km north of Lakatnik , about 1.4 km . north of the cave restaurants and about 500 m south of the hamlet Razhishta .

A starting point may be both independent paths from Lakatnik leading to Alpine meadow . After Alpine meadow trail to catch Monument . From the village and hamlet Milanovo Razhishta the monument asphalt road leads . Entrance of the cave there is a better than the monument. It is located about 180 meters northeast of the monument. To achieve his grasp in a short path that enters the pine forest and follow the edge of the rocks . Go down the path in typical ravine and the other side very clearly there is a cave entrance .

The cave entrance is size , width 7.70 meters and height of 2.40 meters , it has a western exposure and shape of a semi-ellipse . Falls in the wide hallway from which the cave is divided into two short sleeve. The floor of the left fork is covered with dry clay. This part of the cave is used to den of foxes (vulpes) and has a presence of fleas from there comes the name of the cave. Right branch 3.40 m between the two branches of the cave is a narrow connecting gallery long about 1.50 meters in porch clearly visible remnants of the old fireplace . Perhaps the cave was used by the local shepherds to nooning animals. In the cave were detected single copies bats.

The area has many easily accessible caves that can be visited by inexperienced and unprepared tourists.

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