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Lajos Kossuth

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Shumen, 115, ul. Tsar Osvob...

Museum of Renaissance life and architecture in Shumen fits in house Dimitraki Hadjipanev - longtime mayor and a prominent public figure. It was in this house resided Hungarian revolutionary Lajos Kossuth - a lawyer , Minister of Finance and interim head of state of Hungary in 1849 after the defeat of the Hungarian revolution , the national hero emigrated to Bulgaria and settled in Shumen. After the conversion of the Austrian Empire in dual monarchy Austria-Hungary , Kossuth condemned the so-called compromise as detrimental option compatriots emigrated to Italy, where he lived for the rest of his life. It was declared by Abraham Lincoln 's "most worthy and prominent representative of the cause of civil and religious liberty of the continent of Europe ."

Chorbadji house was built near the old bazaar " Arasta " and carries the spirit of the 30s of the 19th century. Ornate ceilings and doors, carved windows and chercheveta typical decorative elements on the wooden struts, wide triangular garden on different levels surrounded by high brick walls bear witness to the rich and educated residents.

Moreover bit part , the museum presents the exhibition of political topics interesting documentaries and auxiliary materials for the Hungarian bourgeois- democratic revolution of 1848-1849 , the life and work of its leader Lajos Kossuth and his followers . Their , albeit short , stay impact on household awareness , economic, cultural and political life of Shumentsi . In 1968 he opened a new hall represents the Hungarian socialist spirit and cooperation of Bulgarian and Hungarian socialists.

Working hours: 08:00 to 17:00

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