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Arbanashka Cave

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Arbanashkata cave is located about 200 meters east , in the middle of the main road between the villages Arbanasi and Sheremetya . The place is pronounced dip that is watershed of Ponor type of Arbanasi plateau . The whirlpool is large, and the bottom is often silted attacked with rotten branches.

Therefore, it is very dangerous to enter the hole in the forecast for rain. Would be particularly dangerous heavy rain, because the cave mouth will concentrate suddenly large amounts of water.

The cave entrance is recommended with additional protectors for knees and elbows and dry weather with insurance from the surface.

In the beginning Arbanashkata cave is circular tunnel with a slight downward slope , tall as a duck walking. Right after the end of the tunnel is tesnyak a sequel. If you pass the cave expands prodazhava a little more branches and over.

Tesnyaka sequel to the cave is located along a mudslide near the end of the circular tunnel on the right of entry . Lower hole and elongated mud puddle in which you have to crawl entrance to the sequel. Follow tesnyatsi coming to a large room with large stones, one of which has a lot of skeletons of bats. Must move through a folded slit with creek at low not never dries up . In some places traffic is 3 - 4 - 6 m above the water with hands and feet resting on both sides of the crack . Is expanding and muddy hill to climb. After the rights have a turn with a cozy place like bar, and large pieces of fine red clay like pieces of chunky cheese. After turning already running close to the water and leads to a muddy embankment. There is talk of a huge hall inside.

Until now it is attempted to about 1000 - 1200 m inwardly after passage of 3 tesnyaka a distance of 20-25 meters apart .

Head of prehistoric bison about 150 thousand years, cavers discovered in a cave near Arbanasi Veliko Tarnovo. A similar finding is the first of its kind in Bulgaria , said the secretary of the tourist company "Academic" Evgeni Koev . Valuable fossil was found during the first national speleological expedition held in the region. Arbanashkata cave is relatively young, it does not have formed stalactites and stalagmites . The walls of the galleries are printed prehistoric shells and ohlyovi .

6 unknown caves, cavers discovered during investigations in the area of ​​Arbanasi and Belyakovo plateau. The total number of surveyed caves around the former capital is now 44 .

Arbanashkata cave is of interest only to people who are professionally involved with caving .

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