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Konstantsaliev House

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Konstantsaliev house is one of the most remarkable and representative monuments of residential architecture in Arbanasi. Initial and development refers to the end of the XVII century the succeeding centuries apartment building underwent several renovations that led to the form in which we see it now.

The house was owned by a big race Arbanassi Tafrili. It was subsequently purchased by the village inhabitant Atanas Konstantsaliev the name by which it is known today.

Konstantsaliev house is located in the central part of Arbanasi, near the famous fountain Kokonska. It has two built on the line of the street. Solid stone walls surround a courtyard and space. t west is high, built massive stone gate, closing with a wooden door. In it are entered heavy caravans of goods purchased by the owner of the house. On the north side of the house there is another door for pedestrians. In solid-built ground floor of the house are: housing designed for occupancy by the guards of the house. It consists of one room, kitchen, maid room, warehouses, stables. It upstairs Two staircases lead: representative and auxiliary. Between the rooms on the ground floor is a separate cleverly hiding related upstairs with separate staircase. It is in danger of hiding the occupants of the house. The second floor of the house is ramshackle, with the exception of the wall facing the street. It is built solid. Formal rooms - hall, living room and dining room are connected to each other and are directly related to the main entrance. The canteen is located in the middle of the house and there is a communication service area. In the most secluded part of the house is situated a special room for the young mother. It is relatively small, but the decision and is very functional. The bed is a canopy, placed on a specially constructed frames, swing above the bed where the mother died, There is a special place for drying diapers. House heating is accomplished through a complex system of masonry stoves.

Konstantsaliev house is a great testament to the creative skills of the masters which have built, high culture and financial capacity of farmers in. It currently lies exposed to the lifestyle of the inhabitants Arbanassi XIX century.

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