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Historic Landmark
Muldavski monastery

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Few people know that Muldavski monastery "St. Petka " , located in the Rhodopes, about 4 km from the town Asenovgrad, is connected to one of the tragedies in the life of the famous Bulgarian painter of Czech origin Ivan Mrkvicka . During the visit of the artist in the monastery suddenly died his one year old son . His tomb is located in the courtyard of the monastery . Mrkvicka was one of the founders of the new Bulgarian art, art made ​​significant achievements in the genre , as well as in the historical picture. With great honesty and a deep sense of patriotism recreates pages of the history of Bulgaria .

Founded in XIV century , today Muldavski monastery complex is permanent and it can be seen preserved residential and commercial buildings , the main church with a belfry and Spring. The monastery courtyard is surrounded by high stone walls . Two-storey buildings are built in the spirit of the Renaissance tradition with a colonnade on the ground floor and open verandas on the floor.

During the Ottoman rule the monastery became the object of repeated attacks and was three times destroyed . The monastery became a victim of Turkey's religious fanaticism during the great Turk Chepinsko Subsequently in 1666 the monastery was destroyed and rebuilt several times, was last renewed in 1836 by the abbot Antim . Then were built current cathedral and residential buildings .

During the Renaissance Muldavski monastery , named "St Petka" , takes pride of place in our history . There develops literary center , and the library is rich in old and rare manuscripts. Unfortunately, they have not reached us as were looted and destroyed. By 1888 the monastery functioned school, thanks to the Bulgarians in the region are taught to read and write . In the cloister is preserved today hideout of the revolutionary Vasil Levski . Apostle of Freedom, often staying in Muldavski monastery. His hideout is under the former igumenarna .

The current church was built in 1836 . and is a large three- pseudo- dome indoor and outdoor porch . In the southwest corner of the porch bell towers . The old architecture of the temple reserved narthex open gallery and belfry , which was built in 1894 . Masters of Georgi Krastev and Kiro Todorov from the town.

Ayazmo spring is located outside the monastery . It was built in 1888

By Muldavski monastery is on the road from the town Asenovgrad to the town Topolovo .

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