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Historic Landmark
Klisura monastery

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Legend connects the emergence of the monastery "St. Petka Paraskeva " by driving one of the most successful Bulgarian kings - Tsar Ivan Asen II. During his reign the Bulgarian country back out of the three seas. According to legend, in 1238 Tsar Ivan Asen II wanted the relics of St. Petka Bulgarian to be transferred in the then capital of Veliko Tarnovo . Upon passage of the procession through the site of the present monastery , it was illuminated by the incorruptible body of the saint . Local population as a tribute to St. Petka church built on the place later arises monastery . The reason I know very little about the founding of the monastery is the fire that burned the archive and library, and the collapse of the old church in 1954. After a long period of wandering in the cloisters arrived Russian nun Mary Magdalene . It takes years of effort , dedication and work to restore the spiritual hearth. Mary Magdalene remained at the monastery forever , going from the mundane world in 1978 as abbess .

Nowadays Klisurski monastery "St. Petka Paraskeva " is acting nunnery . Relatively recently have murals inside the - they are painted with bright and vivid colors. And in combination with biblical quotes and lyrics , the feeling of the visitor for spiritual strength , purity and holiness always be fortified.

Klisurski monastery is situated between the village and the town of Bankia Klissura near Sofia . It is situated on a hill at the foot of Lulin Mountain. This makes it popular and a popular destination for residents of Sofia . Lawn in front of the monastery is a beautiful view of Black Peak . To get to the monastery , use the path from the center of the bank. Hence paved road leads straight to the monastery. Not interfere to ask locals if you doubt the right direction. Outside the gates of the monastery has a dedicated parking space for cars. Here , amid the glorious scenery of the mountains , you can make a picnic and spiritualize your day. The yard of Klisurski monastery is well maintained , there are tables and chairs available to tourists. Cloister is open year round - the doors are open to believers from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00.

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Working hours: 08:00 to 18:00

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