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Bansko is famous not only in Bulgaria with the culture and Renaissance architecture. Very large number of tourists flocking into the town, just to catch a glimpse of old houses and walk on the cobblestone streets. But that's not all. Throughout the town felt the scent of the famous taverns, mixed with the freshness of the Pirin Mountains.

The resort was named the cultural town of international importance for tourism. Bansko is rich with its historical sites and cultural monuments. In its vicinity you can visit the ruins of ancient fortresses and Thracian tombs in the Old town and Ulen. West and northeast of the town also has many archaeological discoveries, and southeast are the remains of Late-Medieval churches of St. Elias and St. George.

Along with beautiful scenery, unique architecture, Bansko boasts many memorable names Bulgarian people, began its journey is from the small town. The village is the birthplace of many traditional educators, writers, poets, revolutionaries, painters and artists, among them Vaptsarov, which has a museum and monument in the center of the city, Paisiy Hilendarski with its monument of Stoicho Todorov, Neofit Rilski, Nikola Furnadjiev.

Domestic family hotels, luxury hotels in Bansko, discos and restaurants makes every stay in Bansko an amazing experience. Many fans of winter sports choose Bansko for their holiday. Foreigners are attracted to Bansko not only because of the opportunity to ski. Pirin offers many other activities such as golf, tennis, fishing, rafting tours, buggy safari, and a myriad of trails for trekking. By continuously improving ski facilities and infrastructure, Bansko in no way inferior of most modern ski resorts in the world. In cases where there is not enough snow in the ski zone Bansko operate more than 180 snow cannons. Artificial snow used in Bansko allows early detection of the ski season, and its extension until mid-April.

The greatest attraction of Bansko is a Natural Park with beautiful scenery and opportunities for walking and hiking. You may encounter the rare edelweiss plant, and next to the hut Banderitsa is the oldest tree in Bulgaria - Baykushevata fir which is 1300 years.

You do not stop the celebrations in the summer. Besides winter competitions in alpine skiing, snowboarding and biathlon, Bansko hosts Pirin Folk Festival "Between three mountains", International Mountain Film Festival and of course, the International Jazz Festival.

And do not forget to eat the famous “:Bansko Kapama”, "Swim old man" and sheep milk.

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