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Vihren Hut

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"Vihren" chalet is located in the Pirin Mountains on the left bank of the river " Bunderitsa " at 1950 m altitude. Was built between 1939-1941 on the tour company in Bansko and is called " Eltepe ." Over the years, has borne the name " New Bunderitsa ." Was unofficially renamed after 1942 when many other sites in the mountains change their names by law.

Starting point for "Vihren" chalet is Bansko - a 16 km asphalt road or 4.30 hours walking along the tourist route . It consists of two massive buildings.

Additionally the cliffs above the river to the east were built eight bungalows. The chalet has a kitchen , dining room with a capacity of 80-100 seats , bar and outdoor bathrooms . There is a regular bus service to the city , and parking in front of the main building holds up to 30 cars . The hut has electricity . The rooms are more than five beds in many places bunk . Overall the cabin has over 130 beds and is often visited by cruise groups. "Vihren" chalet is part of the European route E4 . Camping near the hut is prohibited. It is a starting point to the peak " Vihren " chalet " Sinanitsa " hut " Demyanitsa" shelter " Tevno lake " cabin " Jane Sandanski " shelter " Foal " and others.

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