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Belogradchik - Historical Museum

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Belogradchik, 1, ul. Kapita...

Historical Museum of Belogradchik is located in the cultural "Panov's house" - a bright representative of Predbalkanskata Renaissance architecture. It was built in 1810. It has two floors with boards chained to walls, two veranda with stone-built first and issued the second floor.

This architectural jewel of Belogradchik is remarkable for its lifestyle and popular culture, the pursuit of beauty and their thirst for freedom during the Bulgarian National Revival. The museum has a rich collection of coins and icons. Particular attention is paid to the development of crafts in this region.

The most sacred place in Panov's house - fireplace - with its iron and clay attributes affect us by the pull of the fire and sveshtenosta of Bulgarian cuisine.

Lapidarium Panova in the courtyard of our house back to the era of ancient Rome and his spiritual world. The museum has lunch between 12 and 13:30

And do not forget that we are in Belogradchik - one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. Besides that, the city is surrounded by rocks, here are the fortress "Kale" Observatory right next to it.

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:00

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